16 Feb 2024

Digital Marketing Trends for 2024: Overview and Predictions

Writing about past events and predicting trends that will shape the upcoming year is a challenge for those dedicated to specific fields. While fashion experts discuss the impact of the ‘Mob’s Wife’ and ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetics, and political analysts analyze geopolitical changes globally, marketing professionals carefully observe the dynamics of various industries to anticipate what might dominate in the next period.

13 Oct 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers on Social Media

If you manage a social media profile, you’ve likely come across numerous ads offering a certain number of followers in exchange for a monetary amount. Perhaps you’ve even considered taking this shortcut to expedite the arduous journey to building an audience.

06 Oct 2023

How User-Generated Content Has Taken Over Social Media

In the sea of content brands bombard us with on social media every day, you may notice an increasing number of posts that appear natural, featuring user-shared photos and videos. Is this a result of marketing agencies and community managers being lazy, or is it something entirely different?